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Whether building your first home or the luxury home you've dreamed about for years, this special project is too important to be left in the hands of a builder who quickly says they can build your house for $83.00 per square foot.

For over two decades, Hunter-Nelson has been a State of Florida certified general contractor dedicated to detailed quality construction, service after sale, and making the building process a positive experience for each and every client. Using our subcontractors, Hunter-Nelson estimates your home to your specifications - not the builders - from the ground up. We analyze all the components it takes to create a detailed estimate - not a "per square foot" guess.

From there, only subcontractors who are experts in their field, dependable, and capable of handling your project, will be used. All are licensed, insured, and provide lien waivers. Our personal supervision will assure keen attention to quality and detail to create a home of lasting value.